Temperature Control
Temperature is automatically regulated by a reliable
and accurate thermostat with these features:
  • Temperature indicating thermostat
  • Thermocouple burnout protection
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Electronically calibrated
  • End to end heat regulation can be adjusted easily
    from the front of the oven

Heat Regulation
Highly efficient, heavy duty gas burners provide
quick and reliable cross ignition with even heat
distribution throughout the oven.  Featuring
electronic flame failure control system.  Burners are
clean burning and permit complete combustion for
fuel economy.
Standard Features
  • Direct Gas Fired
  • NSF Approval
  • Shelf Indicator
  • Interior Light
  • Emergency Shelf Crank
  • Timer and Alarm
  • Smooth-Drive Clutch
  • Wire Grid Shelves
  • Built-In Hood
  • Reversible Shelf Rotation
  • Front Guard Bumper
  • Recessed Bearing
  • Down Draft Diverter
  • Standard White Finish
  • Stainless Steel Upper Front
Optional Features
  • Indirect Gas or Oil Fired
  • Automatic Shelf Stop
  • Multi-Timers
  • Steel Plate Shelves
  • Customer or Operator viewing
  • Various Interior Lighting
  • Vertical Sliding Door
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Steam Lines
  • Electric Elements
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Boiler Support
  • Bagel Package
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