The operator may select any desired relative
humidity in any temperature range up to 120 F by
simply adjusting a heat thermostat and a humidity
Air Conditioning
  The air conditioner is constructed of stainless
steel with copper and brass fittings.
  The air conditioner has a self-contained air
cleaning and water filtering system to resist
corrosion and help keep 5he cabinet clan and fresh.
  Controlled air circulation intorduces hot, humid air
below the product being proofed.  This air gently
circulates throughout the cabinet and returns to the
air conditioner to be cleaned and recycled
Standard Features
  • Front bumper on each door
  • All aluminum construction
  • Safety inside escape latch
  • Inside guide rails to direct
  • Stainless steel air conditioner
    with easy access to spray
  • Lighted interior
  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Removable condensate
    eliminator, spray nozzle, and
    water filter cartridge
  • Mounted hygrometer for
    accurate humidity readings
Optional Features
  • Indirect Gas or Oil Fired
  • Automatic Shelf Stop
  • Multi-Timers
  • Steel Plate Shelves
  • Customer or Operator viewing
  • Various Interior Lighting
  • Vertical Sliding Door
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Steam Lines
  • Electric Elements
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Boiler Support
  • Bagel Package
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